Heartgard Products

"Why Should Pet Owners Buy Heartgard?...

There’s no real mystery to that question. If you love your cat or dog, you simply buy Heartgard. That’s all there is to it. You love your animals, they love you and they are in your charge. It’s not only your job but your duty to see to it that they are well cared for and protected from as many horrible things as we can humanly protect them from.

Compare prices on Heartgard

Comparing prices on Heartgard is as easy as clicking a button. There are many sites online offering discounts, low prices, coupons and more. Some of the online pet product stores that can be used to buy Heartgard at discount prices are; discount pet medicines.com, bizrate.com, petcarerx, 1800 pet meds, nationalpetpharmacy, nextag.com; even Amazon.com sells Heartgard Products at a discounted rate. With so many online possibilities, there’s just no excuse not to protect your pet by buying Heartgard.

Can I buy Heartgard without a prescription?

Most vets will tell you no, it can’t be done. But remember, you can buy almost anything online. Look at the problem they’re having with teens and others purchasing prescription meds without a prescription just by going online. The same can be said for Heartgard. It is available online without a prescription. At certain sites, you can buy Heartgard without a prescription and at highly discounted rates. And it’s not only one or two sites selling this product with a ‘no prescription necessary’ tag, it’s a whole bunch of them! Once again, just by going online and typing in ‘buy Heartgard without a prescription’ a large number of online pet med stores will come right up who are ready and waiting for your money.

The thing about buying Heartgard without a prescription is that some of the medications come from foreign countries such as India. Not that bad things come out of foreign countries, but if you’re buying an American made product… shouldn’t it come from America? The other danger with buying Heartgard without a prescription is that no prescription obviously means that your dog has not been tested for heartworms. Placing a dog on Heartgard without first having its blood checked is a risky endeavor. Dogs with heartworms already in their system should not take Heartgard. The only way to know for sure if your dog is already infected is through a blood test at your vet.

Where can you buy heartworm medicine that you can trust?

1-800-pet meds is a reputable chain that handles Heartgard. Amazon has Heartgard at low prices, just be sure to read all the fine print such as “made in __”. Target stores sell Heartgard and, of course, your veterinarian will sell you this invaluable medicine as well. Some vets will honor coupons or other advertisements if you cut them out and bring them in with you. Of course, this site itself also sells you Heartgard!

Buy it discounted or buy it at full price; just make sure you buy it and give it to your four legged best friend. It’s the least you can do for a loving companion who depends on you the way you depend on them as well. Unconditional love is something that not too many people pass around, but your dog gives you that each and every day. Isn’t the little fellow worth a few extra pennies every month?


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.