Heartgard Products

"Should You Buy Discount Heartgard?...

As most pet owners know, taking good care of your pet can frequently lead to shelling out a considerable sum of money. Fortunately, the makers of Heartgard understand this dilemma and will frequently offer online coupons for Heartgard. Our pets depend on us every single day for every single thing. Some of the smaller ones are easy to care for because they give the impression of being helpless and needy. They’re easy to baby. But bigger dogs need babying, too.

This one’s for the big boys

Or girls! Dogs 51 pounds up to 100 pounds don’t usually strike you as being fragile or disadvantaged. But one tiny mosquito can change all of that. A dog that contracts the heartworm disease through the bite of a mosquito is in for a lengthy and painful future of sickness and treatments. His owners are in for a huge bill and are facing no guarantees of that doggy’s future. Heartgard makes Heartgard Plus for dogs 51 to 100 pounds. They color code the packaging on their products by the weight of the dog. This particular product for the large dog, is Heartgard Plus for dogs brown package. Dogs up to 25 pounds use a blue package and dogs 26 to 50 pounds should receive Heartgard with the green coloring on the carton and foil backing.

Is the money you think you will save worth it?

Before purchasing a generic or discounted Heartworm medication, make sure to do your homework. Make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable company and that they have a customer service section that is reachable, informative and helpful. Be sure that there is an acceptable return policy and written guarantee (of which you keep your own copy). Ask as many questions as you possibly can before purchasing one of their products. Companies that are hesitant to answer your questions are probably better left alone. If they can’t answer questions about or back their product up, they shouldn’t sell it… and you certainly should not buy it.

How much is too much?

We’re talking about caring for the four legged individual who loves you unconditionally. It is always happy to see you, most times it will do your bidding and it watches your every move as well as it will die to protect you. Die-to-protect-you! Are you sure you can’t spend a little bit more on a guaranteed, proven product that will not only lengthen the life expectancy of your dog but is designed to increase its quality; and in the long run, very possibly save you and your dog pain and suffering in the future?


Note: WARNING. There are online sellers of supposedly discounted Heartgard that are guilty of bait and switch tactics. As far as you know, you’re buying the original heartworm medicine by Heartgard; when in essence it turns out to be a generic form of it from a foreign land such as India. Their customer service will be not only rude but extremely evasive and uninformative. If you have been a victim of one of these scams, be sure to report it and just to be on the safe side, don’t allow your dog to ingest this particular product. Go with the original patented Heartgard Plus for your dog or cat!


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.