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Of course, Heartgard plus for dogs will only be the most important thing you buy this year if you love your furry companion as much as he loves you. Heartworm disease is something that you probably wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy; so why on earth would you wish it on your dog?

And yet that is precisely what you’re doing if you don’t invest in some type of heartworm preventatives such as Heartgard Plus chewables for dogs or Heartgard Plus tablets, for dogs with severe dental issues or beef allergies.

These medications are so easily obtainable nowadays – not only can you purchase Heartgard Plus without a prescription; you can even purchase generic Heartgard Plus for dogs if you feel so compelled.

If money is still an issue, Heartgard has done one better by offering Heartgard Plus for dogs coupons and rebates. Once again, these are available online as are similar medications by other names such as Iverhart plus for dogs. Technically, Iverhart is one of the several just mentioned generic heartworm medications.

Big dogs, little dogs, all sorts of dogs!

Heartgard for dogs is sold in various selections. You can buy a 6 month or 12 month supply and it categorizes itself by the weight of the dog it has been prescribed for. It is essential that you stick to the recommended dosage levels due to the fact that side effects can occur from overdosing your dog with Heartgard.

Specific breeds of dogs may also have problems with Heartgard Plus such as collies; in which case you’ll have to do your homework but Interceptor is said to be safe for such dogs. Checking with your vet is always the smart way to go in such instances.

The Heartgard company does make Heartgard for cats but it is essential that you never, ever give a cat Heartgard Plus for dogs. A cat’s system is not compatible with the ingredients in Heartgard Plus for dogs.

Mosquitoes and Heartworm

Mosquitoes are the wretched little creatures that are responsible for infecting your dog with the parasites that will eventually evolve into heartworms. There are bug, flea and tick repellents in the market from which there are several to choose from. The long term effects of some of these have come into question with certain dog owners; so to be sure that if those crafty little mosquitoes do get to your furry friend, he will be protected.

Blood testing must be done before placing your dog on Heartgard Plus to be sure that they are not already infected with heartworms. Once you are sure that there are no adult heartworms in your dog’s system, you can be comfortably assured that the recommended doses of Heartgard Plus will keep your best buddy safe from the dastardly disease.

Spending money now on Heartgard Plus for dogs will not only save your dog the torture of going through the horrible agony that is found in the heartworm disease, it will also save you hundreds of dollars or more in the long run. The treatment of the heartworm disease is not only exceedingly expensive but often unsuccessful.

So much pain and loss could be avoided if you would only take a moment to give your dog the love and care he deserves by giving him Heartgard Plus for dogs once a month; that’s all, just one time a month!


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.