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Man must take care of his best friend

Because dogs can’t tell you when they’re feeling a little under the weather, it is not always easy to do what’s best for them in a timely manner. Their owners love them and want to do right by them, but it just isn’t that simple. Heading common diseases off at the pass is far more beneficial than waiting until the disease sets in.

This is why Heartgard Plus is an important part of your dog’s care. Most pet owners would do anything for their pets, which is why they will spend whatever they need to spend on products for preventative maintenance and cures. The makers of Heartgard Plus decided to give their loyal customers a break.

You can now receive a $5.00 Heartguard Plus rebate or acquire Heartgard coupons for future purchases.

Five bucks is five bucks

With today’s economy spiraling out of control, the $5.00 Heartgard rebates should bring a smile to any pet owner’s face. The process for taking advantage of the rebate consists of filling out a brief form which is available online.

The conditions are extremely meet-able in that you simply need to buy 12 doses, which you would buy for a year anyway, fill out the form and send it in.

Mosquitoes will drive your dog buggy

If you didn’t have enough reasons to hate mosquitoes by now, you can certainly add one more reason to the list. The little disease carrying pests are directly responsible for transferring heartworm parasites to your dog.

The parasites’ larvae mature and reside in the heart and lungs of your dog. The mature heartworms will not only take up residence in your dog but will make themselves right at home by producing offspring inside your best friend. Eventually, this becomes an infestation and will result in death if not treated.

What happens once it’s too late for Heartgard Plus?

Though not always successful, the treatment for heartworms is nonetheless very expensive. Your dog will have to undergo extensive treatment and will be lethargic and fatigued during the process.

If the disease cannot be cured, the symptoms may be treated; but survival is never guaranteed and it soon turns into a quality of life matter. All of this is avoidable simply by making sure that your dog has its monthly dose of Heartgard Plus.

Just a spoonful of ‘flavor’ helps the medicine go down

Your dog will not mind taking their monthly dose of Heartgard Plus due to the fact that it tastes like a treat.

Yes, in addition to their Heartgard Plus rebates and Heartgard coupons, the dedicated makers of Heartgard Plus made it easy for you to care for your dog by deliciously flavoring a necessary part of their care and maintenance so that you won’t have any problems getting your dog to go along with the idea.

Yet another point scored by the makers of Heartgard!

Make sure to check with your veterinarian about the need for Heartgard Plus in your dog’s dietary care. There are websites from which you can purchase Heartgard at a lower price than getting it from your vet..

..but regardless of whether you buy a discounted Heartgard product or take advantage of the Heartgard plus rebates or coupons; the important thing is that you do get Heartgard for your dog and give it to him as required.

Your dogs do so much for you, how can you not do this one little thing for them?


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.