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Interceptor is a heartworm preventative for both canines and felines, similar to heartgard.  The active ingredient in the medication is Milbemycin oxime, and the product is manufactured by Novartis.  Interceptor is also used to prevent hookworms and treat adult infestations of roundworms and whipworms.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos to pets, and the parasite that causes heartworms is known to be located all throughout the world.  Also, cats are susceptible to the parasite as well.  It is reported that up to 25% of cats who get heartworms are indoor cats, so even indoor breeds are vulnerable to the parasite.

Easy to Administer for Heartworm Prevention

Interceptor is given once per month to prevent heartworm infestations.  It is easy to administer as the tablet is flavored and can be easily mixed into food.  The medication can be administered throughout the year as a preventative for heartworms in dogs or cats.  It is highly recommended that dog owners use the medication to prevent heartworms, as heartworm treatment can be very difficult after they have matured into the adult phase.

Heartworms can be prevented with regular monthly doses of Interceptor.  Dosage is dependent on the weight of the animal, and a licensed veterinarian will be able to properly prescribe the right version of the medication for the particular animal’s weight.

Interceptor is a prescription medication.  The product should be used as prescribed as a veterinarian depending on the disease that is being treated.

Safe to Use on Kittens and Puppies

Interceptor is safe to use on all breeds of puppies that are at least 4 weeks of age and over 2 pounds and kittens that are at least 6 weeks of age and over 1.5 pounds.

Side effects from the medication are rare.  In cats, the medication does not have reported side effects even at up to ten times the recommended dosage.  However, in dogs that have been some side effects reported, although the medication is safe for dogs as well.

Test Pets Annually and Monitor Their Health

Animals should be tested annually for heartworms, and they should also be tested by a veterinarian for parasites such as heartworms before a preventative regimen of Interceptor is given.  Pet lives can be protected with heartworm preventatives like Interceptor, and it is important to monitor the health of a pet cat or dog to look out for symptoms of heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, or whipworms.

As soon as any irregular symptoms are seen from a pet cat or dog, it should be immediately taken to a veterinarian for diagnosis.  With parasite infestations, the sooner treatment is performed the better.

Interceptor is a heartworm preventative for both canines and felines.


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