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Heartworm medicine is used to treat heartworms in canines and felines.  The most popular FDA approved heartworm medicine is Heartgard.   It is also used as a preventative for heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms.  Heartworms can cause serious symptoms in affected animals and are potentially life threatening.  The infection has four major stages, and Heartgard is a medication that is often used by veterinarians to treat the disease at each of its stages.

During the advanced stages of heartworm infections, Heartgard is often used in combination with other treatments such as arsenic based medications and surgery.  When taken as a preventative, Heartgard is very effective at preventing heartworms from getting to the first stage of infection. When taken properly as prescribed by a veterinarian, it is shown to be an excellent preventative.

Heartgard Can be Used to Treat Heartworms

Heartgard is used by licensed veterinarians to treat heartworms.  In the early stages of the illness, Heartgard may be used for treatment by itself.  In some cases, Heartgard alone is sufficient to halt the progression of the disease.    Heartgard is often prescribed by veterinarians to treat the illness at various stages due to its effectiveness at killing the larval form of the parasite that causes heartworms.

Heartgard can be used in combination with other treatments, but only a licensed veterinarian will be able to know what the best treatment plan is.  Each individual dog or cat is a unique case that must be treated in a specific manner by a veterinarian.  In order to prepare the animal for further treatment, Heartgard will often be prescribed to be taken for a period of time before other treatments are given.

Heartgard Should Be Used as a Preventative

Although Heartgard is certainly effective when combined with other treatments to treat heartworms, it is best used as a preventative for the disease.  Heartworms are found all throughout the world and there are no species of dog or cat that is immune to the illness.  The disease is transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes that carry the heartworm parasite are found everywhere.

Heartgard is also effective at preventing other infections such as roundworm and hookworm infections in dogs, and hookworm infections in cats.  The medication has shown to be safe for all breeds of canine and feline.  Side effects of the medication are very rare.  The medication is designed for safe and easy consumption by all breeds and sizes of dogs.  The medication is taken once monthly as directed by a veterinarian, and doses must not be skipped in order for the medicine to maintain its effectiveness.

Annual checkups for parasites are recommended in order to spot them early on and to allow treatments like Heartgard to have the best effect.  If Heartgard is taken monthly, there is virtually no chance that a pet will get heartworms.  With the added benefit of hookworm and roundworm prevention, Heartgard is a very convenient and safe medication that is much lower in cost than expensive late stage heartworm treatments, and it is guaranteed to keep a pet dog or cat healthy.


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