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Heartgard, a prescription for heartworm infections in canines and files, is a prescription heartworm medicine.  The active ingredients in Heartgard, ivermectin and pyrantel, are available from select pharmacies without a prescription.  Some online pharmacies also sell Heartgard without a prescription, however it is very risky to purchase and administer Heartgard to your dog or cat without a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

Heartworms are a dangerous ailment and should be treated as soon as possible.  Heartgard is a medication that both treats and prevents heartworms in canines and felines.  A different product is available for felines, and they should never be given the Heartgard prescription for canines.

Only a Licensed Veterinarian Can Diagnosis Heartworms

There are several benefits of obtaining a prescription for Heartgard.  For one, only a licensed veterinarian will be able to professionally diagnose the heartworm ailment.  An owner without veterinary training would be unable to accurately diagnose their dog with heartworms.  An improper diagnosis can lead to improper treatment which is potentially very dangerous for a dog.

Veterinarians are also aware of potential problems with certain canine breeds.  Although Heartgard is very limited in its side effects, some breeds may have a stronger reaction to Heartgard.  This breed specific information would be known by a licensed veterinarian.

Improper Dosage of Heartgard is Potentially Dangerous

Similarly, a licensed veterinarian would also know the correct method for administering Heartgard.  They would give the owner with specific instructions on how to give their dog the medication.  This information would not be available if one were to purchase Heargard without prescription.  There is also a danger of improper dosage for those who purchase Heartgard or its active ingredients without a prescription.  Improper dosage may lead to additional problems.

Specific Treatment is Only Available Through a Veterinarian

For a canine with a heartworm infection, there is a unique treatment and recovery plan that must be administered to each breed individually.  Treating heart worms is not as simple as just giving a dog Heartgard.  Only a licensed veterinarian would be able to create the proper specific heartworm treatment method using Heartgard.

For instance, the dog would need to be monitored for secondary immune reactions to the heartworms dying.  The death of heartworms can cause lung diseases, and a veterinarian would be better able to explain to an owner what types of symptoms would require further treatment or additional trips to the veterinarian.

Heartworms Should Be Tested For Annually

If a dog is tested annually for heartworms, the veterinarian will be able to properly prescribe Heartgard.  This makes it convenient for an owner to get a Heartgard prescription if one is required.  As long as a dog is checked annually for Heartgard, or brought to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis, there should be no need to purchase or administer the medication without a prescription.


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.