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If your dog has never been tested for heartworm, you need to get it to the vet for a blood test. They will conduct a blood test to see if your pet is already infested with heartworms. It’s vital that you never give Heartgard to any pet that has yet to undergo treatment for heartworm disease and/or has not been blood tested. The reason for this is that if there are any heartworms present in your pet at that time during which you start giving them the medication, it will kill the mature heartworms, which can result in death due to heart failure. This is the reason that Heartgard Plus is prescribed as a preventative only, because it kills the heartworm larvae prior to them becoming adult heartworms.

Heartgard Plus without prescription

With more and more pet owners seeking an affordable heartworm medicine for their pets, the choices they are confronting can be difficult to choose from. There exists, however, one heartworm medication that is hands down, the most well-liked option for many pet owners; Heartgard. The good news for those of you who have been faithful believers in the Heartgard product is that you can now buy Heartgard Plus with no official prescription. Online sellers of the product advertise it online at phenomenally reduced prices. Some other heartworm medications can also be purchased as well, without a prescription.

A word to the wise however, when considering purchasing Heartgard online with no prescription,  sources report that the only reason you are able to purchase Heartgard Plus online without a prescription is due to the pet pharmacist being located in Canada.  This could possibly mean that these particular pharmacists are legally bound by somewhat dissimilar regulations and rules in regards to animal prescription medications. Some United States Products that are prescription are prescription only in Canada as well. It just so happens however, that Heartgard Plus isn’t one of them. What that translates into for the concerned pet owner is that you will be able to benefit from the unusually reduced prices offered online as they apply to a variety of pet pharmaceuticals and at the same time can avoid the United States required contacting of your vet in order to receive a prescription.

Cheapest Heartgard

As previously mentioned, when considering purchasing Heartgard without prescription, pet owners out there desperately trying to save money can find extremely discounted Heartgard Plus on any number of web site links. Try not to be taken in by false claims that many of the “cheap” pet medicine sites make however. Be sure that you have investigated the Internet based pet medication web sites thoroughly. Many of them overcharge by slapping on huge charges for shipping or other hidden fees. What you’re looking for is the cheapest Heartgard Plus from an esteemed source. The lowest cost for Heartgard Plus is most assuredly to be found online. If you’re fed up with the high prices of the purported bargain pet med stores, find a deal online but by all means do your homework first.


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