Heartgard Products

"Heartgard Plus Chewables: Your Dog Will Love Them!...

Your dog will think they’re getting a treat, you’ll know that they are getting one of the most important medicines that money can buy when you give them their monthly dose of Heartgard Plus Chewables.

Heartworm prevention is easy

With Heartgard Plus Chewables for dogs, prevention is the main goal. Your dog is an important part of your family and deserves the love and care that any family member would receive. Heartworm prevention through the recommended use of Heartgard Plus Chewables for dogs (or in a worst case scenario, Heartgard Plus generic products) is your way of providing that love and care. It’s smart to buy reputable products for your dog just as it is important to buy the real thing for your kids and spouse when it comes to certain products. Many of us take the generic forms of our daily maintenance drugs; with the prices of prescriptions and the mess that is ‘health care’, how can we afford not to? But the difference between the price for the real Heartgard Plus and Heartgard Plus generic is so minimal (you only buy this stuff to give to your dog once a month) that the savings are very nearly ridiculous.

Do Heartgard side effects occur often?

There are some breeds that have issues with some of the ingredients in Heartgard Plus (occasionally Collies, Australian Shepards and Shetland Sheepdogs); but in general, most dogs’ systems are very receptive to this heartworm preventative. Check with your vet before starting your pet on any medication. Be sure to give your dog only the recommended dosage and the correct product that coincides with the weight of your dog to avoid overdosing. If a dog is having a reaction to Heartgard Plus there will be certain symptoms to watch for:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disorientation
  • Agitation
  • Tremors
  • Drunken gait. Again, these are very rare and occur mostly due to high dosages.

What’s so dangerous?

What’s so dangerous?! An irritating mosquito bites your dog introducing the deadly heartworm disease to your dog’s system. The heartworm makes itself at home and decides to start a family… a big family. Your dog becomes lethargic, winded and generally tired. It is already too late for most. Once a dog is infected with heartworm disease, the chances of survival are slim. There are, of course, treatments; but they are seldom successful. All these could have been prevented with a simple chewy treat once a month which your dog will eagerly await.

Spend a little now, save a lot later!

Spending a little cash on Heartgard Plus for dogs now will not only prevent your dog the agony of suffering through the awful torture that is the heartworm disease, but can actually save you hundreds (or even thousands; depending on how far you can go to care for your pet) down the way. The treatment for Heartworm disease is expensive and more times than not, unsuccessful. All that pain and suffering – for not only your dog but yourself as well – can be avoided if you’d only take a moment to treat your dog to the loving care that Heartgard Plus for dogs provides.


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.