Heartgard Products

"Heartgard Medicine for your loving companion...

Heartgard medication is the heartworm preventive medicine that most cat and dog owners choose. And it’s no small wonder that it is the leading seller of medications for heartworm prevention in dogs and cats. It has built a reputation which surpasses all other heartworm medicines.

Heartgard dog dosage amounts

Big or little, fat or skinny, young or old, sassy or obedient; there is a Heartgard for every size, shape and manner of dog. Heartgard uses color coding to help distinguish between the Heartgard dog dosages by weight. Heartgard Plus and Heartgard in the blue pack are to be given to dogs which have tested negative for heartworm that weigh less than 25 lbs. The green color coded chewable tablets are for heartworm negative canine pets that fall between 26 and 50 lbs. And finally, Heartgard Plus and Heartgard in the completely brown casing are for bigger dogs that tip the scale between 51 and 100 lbs. The proper amount is one chewy Heartgard ‘treat’ every month for dogs in accordance with the color coded weight ranges.

What’s in there?

Each tablet of the basic formula contains a measure of invermectin, and the Heartgard Plus prescription contains higher dosages of ivermectin plus a measure of pyrantel as well. The exception is the Brown Formula, in which the amount of ivermectin stays the same but pyrantel is added in the plus formula. As a word of warning, Heartgard plus for dogs is just that; it’s for dogs. Do not give Heartgard plus for dogs to any other animal other than the animal for which it was made for!

Never an argument

Your dog will absolutely love their Heartgard heartworm medicine. It’s the tasty treat that dogs love to eat. You don’t have to try to hide Heartgard pills in your dog’s food or cram it unwillingly down its throat. It is a chewable chunk of great tasting medication disguised as a treat. There’s no reason to make your dog feel like it’s suffering just because you’re trying to keep it healthy and happy. It is, in fact, a little counterproductive to have to make both you and your pet miserable only to administer something that’s good for you both in the long run. This is the same little fellow that plays with your children and would gladly give its life in the protection of your entire family. Even the little yip-yaps.

Actually, especially the little ones. Small dogs are some of the boldest most courageous dogs on the planet. Just a sidetrack, I’ve seen a Chihuahua take on a Great Dane. I’m not sure what the little guy was thinking but I’m pretty sure I know what the Great Dane was all about. “Mmm—lunch time!” (Actually the Great Dane backed down with no argument whatsoever. I’ll never figure that out.)

Heartgard heartworm prevention for dogs is an essential part of caring for that four legged friend of yours that eagerly awaits your arrival everyday and is a source of never ending, unconditional love. I don’t care who you’re going out with or married to, there isn’t a partner or spouse on the planet about which you can say the same.


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.