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"Heartgard Heartworm Protection...

Your dog supplies you with continuous and unconditional love. They’re always happy to see you when you come home (which is more than you can say for some spouses) and they devotedly do your bidding with unquestioning loyalty.

You feed them, walk them, clean up after them and care for them. But do you know the way you care for them can be the difference between life and death for the dog. Heartgard heartworm treatment/prevention products are one of the most important things you can get for your four legged best friend.

Heartgard Ivermectin Heartworm Chews

These little beef flavored cubes are something your dog will absolutely love. He thinks he’s getting a treat, you know he’s getting medicine necessary for his health and well being. You do need a prescription with which to purchase these, but one is easily obtainable from your vet.

One little cube per month will assure your dog a clean bill of health when it comes to heartworm and their larvae. Side effects are nearly unheard of, but should you exceed the recommended dose for your particular dog, there are a number of side effects possible. The bottom line is, be sure to adhere to the dosage information.

Heartgard vs. Interceptor

Most veterinarians will carry either Heartgard or Interceptor. Basically, they accomplish the same things but Interceptor will kill whipworms as well. The only time it would be to appropriate to use Interceptor instead of Heartgard as a necessity would be if you’re in an area where whipworms are a problem.

Certain breeds have been known to have trouble with some of the ingredients in Heartgard; in which case Interceptor would be the appropriate choice. Collies, for one, have been known to have issues with Heartgard. Both products discourage the growth and development of heartworms as well as preventing hookworms and roundworms.

Where’s the beef?

If your dog has an allergy to beef which is what the chewable treat Heartgard cubes are based on, Heartgard heartworm pills/tablets are available as well. These are also appropriate for pets that have severe dental problems so much so that chewing is an issue.

Show me the money

Heartgard is sold not only by months of dosages (six month dosage, 12 months dosage) but by the weight of the dog as well. For example, a 6 month dosage of Heartgard for dogs up to 25 pounds will run approximately $24.50/12 month at $44.50.

On the other hand, if you have one of those dogs that people immediately want to throw a saddle on when they see them, a 12 month supply of Heartgard for dogs 51 to 100 pounds will cost approximately $70.50. Heartgard also makes a product for the feline persuasion; it is important to remember that Heartgard Plus for dogs should never, ever be given to cats.

Heartgard heartworm protection for your dog is an absolute must. Don’t take a chance when prevention is so readily available. Your dog would thank you if he could, but in the meantime it will continue supplying you with the unfailing, undying and unconditional love that dogs are so good at giving.


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.