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Heartgard is a medication used to prevent heartworms in cats and dogs.  Heartgard for cats also prevents other parasite infections including pinworms, threadworms, and hookworm infections. The medication is also approved by the FDA.  Heartgard tablets are given once a month to cats in order to prevent heartworm infections.  The tablets are flavored and designed for easy consumption and digestion.

The active ingredient in Heartgard, is ivermectin.  Ivermectin prevents heartworm infections by killing the parasite that causes the illness while it is in the larval stage. The medication will also kill larval and adult hookworms.  Hookworms can potentially be transmitted to humans, and a veterinarian should be consulted before Heartgard is used to treat hookworms.

The tablets are available in both flavored and unflavored versions.  There are two versions of the medication available: one for cats up to 5 lbs and another for cats between 5 and 15 lbs.  The tablets can be administered with food, however each situation is unique, and a licensed veterinarian will provide specific instructions on how to safely administer Heartgard.

Heartgard is Safe for Cats and Kittens

The medication is safe for use as prescribed on both cats and kittens that are at least 6 weeks of age.  Heartgard is also safe for lactating or pregnant cats.  However, Heartgard should never be given to cats without consulting a veterinarian beforehand.

Heartgard should only be given to the cat that it was prescribed to.  A prescription is required for the medication, and a veterinarian will be able to discuss in detail how to administer Heartgard for heartworm prevention or for other treatment purposes.

Heartgard is not known to have any major side effects, but some side effects that have been reported in cats include vomiting and diarrhea.  If any side effects occur, a veterinarian should be notified immediately.

Heartworms are a Serious Ailment

Heartworm prevention is very important for cats.  It is known that all cat breeds can be infected with heartworms, and the parasite that causes heartworms can be found all throughout the world. Cats should be screened annually for heartworms and other parasites. Also, cats should be monitored for symptoms that might be due to a parasite infection.

Heartworms in both cats and dogs are a very serious ailment that requires immediate veterinarian treatment.  A veterinarian may or may not prescribe Heartgard for cats during or after a cat has been infected with heartworms.  Prevention of heartworms is best, as treatment can be difficult after larval heartworms have progressed to the adult stage and reached the heart and lungs of the cat.

Treatment of heartworms can be very costly, and the much lower price of Heartgard is better for both safety and insurance against heartworms.  Ask your veterinarian whether Heartgard can be prescribed for heartworm prevention or for the prevention of other parasites.


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