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"Generic Heartgard Plus: Does it match up to the real thing?...

In comparisons of generic Heartgard medications to the official brand of Heartgard Plus, those that chose Heartgard Plus had the additional benefit of thwarting hookworms and roundworms. The real thing is, however, slightly more expensive. The heartworm medication you choose will be affected by whether intestinal worms are an issue for your four-legged buddy. If they might be an issue then the official Heartgard med will successfully treat for every kind of worm in a single, simple to minister tablet. Generic heartworm tablets will not take care of intestinal worms, however that may not be required for some pets.

Generic Heartgard Plus Reviews

Generic Heartgards in addition, aren’t yummy tasting as with the true Heartgard Plus medications. They claim that it’s not truly a problem because you’re supposed to mix their tablets with a bit of a treat to make sure that your pet eats them. Really? The official Heartgard products are treats in and of themselves. Animals absolutely devour them. Do you want to be bothered with trying to force that down your pet’s throat if the ‘hide it in a treat’ thing doesn’t work? Because you need to remember that it’s imperative to make sure that our cats and dogs take the tablet. So we never saunter away just assuming that your buddy has swallowed its pill. The little guys have a sneaky tendency to cough up things like medications the minute you turn your back. With the official Heartgard Plus, it’s never a problem. You can be sure that the Heartgard Plus medication has been eagerly gobbled up before you even walk away!

Generic Heartgard Plus Chewables

The choice actually comes down to just buying the product in which we have the greatest amount of faith. What you may recognize is that a large number of pet owners will simply prefer to trust in a name they are familiar with and have grown to feel secure with. Heartgard Plus chewables for dogs is enormously well believed in so it’s no wonder why so many dog owners prefer it over a generic one; even while the asking price is lower with the generic Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Heartgard Plus Sales

Lately, a trend has been noticed in the increased sales volume of the official brand of Heartgard Plus for dogs. It could be because this heartworm medication is a chewy chunk of goodness that your pets see as a tempting treat. Regular Heartgard and Heartgard Plus are currently the leading products for preventing the infection of heartworm in pets.

Heartgard Plus Comparison

An online survey of the original Heartgard plus medication versus generic medications gave the original a 5 out of 5 star rating. All others were 3.7 or 4 out of 5 stars. Is that really what you want your dog taking? Something less than the best? We are not talking about toys or leashes or beds on sale at Wal-Mart here! We’re talking about medication for your four legged best friend! Preventive medication – the kind that helps your dog live a long and healthy life and helps keep those vet bills to a minimum.

It’s your choice; spend a few more pennies now or spend a fortune later.


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.