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To understand why Frontline Plus is so important for your dog, it is necessary to understand fleas and ticks (the life cycle and the damage that they can do to your dog).

There are more than two thousand species of fleas. The prevailing dog flea is called Ctenocephalides Canis (which will also feed on humans, cats, and other animals). Two days after mating, the female flea will begin to lay her eggs (up to fifteen sets and up to fifty eggs per day).

The eggs can be laid anywhere in your home (such as furniture) or on your dog. If laid on your dog, the eggs can and often do fall off into the environment (anywhere in your home).

Within a matter of weeks, hundreds of new fleas hatch. The alarming rate of reproduction is of this tiny creature is just one thing one must consider when making that important decision on proper dog care. When it comes to those pesky fleas, the other (and most important) thing to consider is the damage that can be done to your dog’s health.

Fleas can give your dog tapeworms, which can lead to abdominal upset and/or further health complications. The Plague is also transmitted by fleas; as is Typhus. All of these can make your dog very ill and can even be transmitted to you, the pet owner.

Both ticks and fleas can transmit Haemobartonellosis; which affects the red blood cells and can lead to death. Ticks also transmit a bacterial disease called Tularemia (which can also be transmitted to humans).

Knowing all the damage that fleas and ticks can do to you and your dog, it is easy to understand why flea/tick control is so important. Prevention is the only true key to ensuring the health and safety of your dog (and possibly your family). Frontline Plus for dogs is affordable and easy to use.

Be sure that your dog is at least eight weeks old before application. Within twenty-four hours of application, Frontline Plus will kill 98-100% of any fleas and ticks on your dog. It will also put an end to the flea and tick life cycle.

Along with killing the adult fleas currently infesting your dog, Frontline Plus for dogs will also kill both larvae and eggs to ensure that even the young cannot grow and hatch. Frontline Plus will kill the tick that carries the dreaded Lyme Disease.

Frontline Plus for dogs is waterproof to offer continued protection throughout the month. The only thing that you, the pet owner, needs to remember is that in order to be completely effective Frontline Plus must be applied every thirty days. This is the key to breaking the cycle and keeping it broken.

Do not let your home be bombarded by fleas. And do not put your dog’s health at stake. Just because you do not see fleas does not mean that he or she does not have them.

Most of us do not know until there is a massive infestation. Using Frontline Plus for Dogs can and will save your dog’s health and save you unwanted trips to the veterinarian.


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