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"Be Wary of Cheap Heartgard...

Having pets can sometimes be a pricey little endeavor. Between beds, veterinarians, food, toys and so on, they can be almost as expensive as having a child. We want what’s best for our little four legged buddies and there are ways to save money and still get that accomplished.

But saving money in certain areas isn’t always the best policy. Cheap knockoffs are exactly that. They are cheap and not the real thing. Sometimes, cheap pet meds are not only cheaper in price but cheaply made as well.

Many of us view our pets as ‘our kids’ or at the very least, an important family member. Who greets you at the door every day when you come home from work? Your faithful dog! Most of the time they’re more tuned in to your emotions than your spouse when it comes to knowing if you don’t like something, if you’re not happy or even when you are sick.

The bad news is; they can’t tell you when they’re sick. Of course, if it’s an outer injury that is bleeding or a broken limb, chances are you’ll know about it. If not however, far too much time can pass before you actually get tuned in to the fact that your pet is not feeling up to par. Then again, why wait until that happens? Particularly when there is something you can do about it.

What’s it all about?

Heartgard pet medication for dogs and cats will prevent not only heartworms but a number of other parasites as well. Heartworm is passed on to a dog through a mosquito bite. Infestation will result if the dog is not properly medicated with a preventative. Once infestation occurs, it can lead to death. Once a dog has heartworms, it is a complicated and costly process that should never have been allowed to go through in the first place.

Even with treatment, once a dog is infected, a cure is not always guaranteed. As with so many things these days however; there are generic forms of Heartgard out there that don’t always measure up to the real thing. Generics are fine when it comes to some things… but generic Heartgard? Cheap heartworm medicine or even discounted Heartgard (unless offered by the true manufacturer of the original Heartgard) may not correspond to the real Heartgard in quality.

Is it really asking so much?

Seriously pet owners, it’s not like trying to force a pill down their throat or hide it in their food. Most people questioned have not met a dog that did not enjoy eating their monthly Heartgard. It is designed to taste like a treat and apparently it does because dogs gobble it down like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s so vitally important yet so easy, why would you not do this? Of course you’ll have to get your dog tested because starting Heartgard – if a dog already has heartworm – may not be something your veterinarian would agree too.

How much do you spend on luxuries and other things that you really don’t need? Heartgard is affordable; it’s not a ‘break the bank’ kind of product.

What would you spend to make sure your child or your best friend in the whole world (of your entire life) doesn’t become deathly ill? Well, there you have it!


Disclaimer: We're in no way affiliated with the Merial Health Company, whom Heartgard® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.